What drives expression.
What brings style to the fore.
Change and continuity,
Edge and assurance.

For seasons, for generations.

Take the first step. Begin, go there.
You’ll know when.
Something’ll beckon.
With an insistence, barely discered
but still distinct, above the clamout
of the commonplace.

New horizons await, fresh understanding
and perspective.
Leading on from what’s gone before.
Affirmations of tradition and
the surge of the new.

What you see, feel and perceive? The allure of, once again, being in touch with what’s true and also, transformative.

Rediscover how the elements, the things pure, restrained and simple, can have such unexpected power.

To each his own? Oh yes. Your realm and yours alone.

No turning back(why would you?), just onwards, always.

Pause, though, where you must – where stormy sky meets deep sea, where bark and fern scatter across sand, limestone and earth.

the journey’s yours to resume.