How to take care of your Suit

Image Credits : Uhdwallpapers.Org

A suit is the proudest asset in a man’s wardrobe. First of all, finding the perfect suit that fits right is no easy task. And once you do, it is highly recommendable to do everything in your power to make sure it remains as good as new, as long as possible. As men’s wear experts who specialize in ready to wear as well as custom-made suits, we at ‘The Prestige Store’ have some useful advise in the matter. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts to let your suits flaunt your best side for a long time.

1. Do dry clean but Don’t over do it

You want your suit to look fresh and crisp every time you wear it, and so you get it dry cleaned. While this is good practice, we strongly advise you against over dry cleaning. It can wear away the natural fibers of your suit and make it look older than it is. Reduce dry cleaning to only when absolutely necessary – for instance when there is a huge stain or it doesn’t smell fresh. Otherwise a little spot cleaning with a wet cloth is enough to remove small stains.

2. Do iron but Don’t use a dry iron

Use a steamer instead of a dry iron. Dry ironing can be harsh on the fabric and burn the fibers. A steamer is a far gentler option, and is one of the best ways to prolong the suit’s life.

3. Don’t fold them but Do hang them the right way

You might already know this one – suits should be hung up in the cupboard but there is a little more nuance to this very important point. It is better to use wood or plastic hangers with rounded edges. A regular wire hanger will not fill out the shoulder as nicely. The rounded edges will ensure the suit maintains its form and drape.

4. Do get the right suitcase but Don’t worry if you don’t have one!

Packing suits can be quite a task. If you wear suits often you should definitely have a suitcase than caters to packing suits. But if you are the kind of man who prefers a carry-on bag to suitcases, you could always just roll your suit. Remember to carefully turn the suit inside out, put the shoulders together, match the seams and lapels, and then roll it up lightly.

5. Do put away your seasonal suits but Don’t store without a cleaning

Definitely have your seasonal suits dry-cleaned before you store them away at the end of the season. It will help get rid of any particles or small stains, and a go a long way in keeping it safe from insects like moths. You could also tuck it inside a cover after you have hung it up on the right hanger (see point no. 3). This way, when the season for your suit returns all you have to do is put it on without worrying about cleaning or creasing. Since your suit is going to be in a perfectly good-to-go condition.