Loyalty Card

  1. Can I earn points on all my purchases?
    Yes, every time you shop at PTMS you earn points. This is your tailor made way of earning and burning the points to your convenience and your choice.
  2. Can it be used with other offers?
    No, Tailor Made card can not be clubbed with any other offers running in the store.
  3. How long is the card valid for?
    2 Years.
  4. Which all stores can I avail this card?
    Tailor Made card can be availed only in our store in Bangalore, India.
  5. Can my family members use my card as well?
    Yes, they can. They should be carrying the card with them at the time of purchase.
  6. How can I keep a track of which reward level am I at?
    You can feel free to call us at our store; 080-2558 8599/2558 8600. Ask for our customer relationship managers and they will guide you through.
  7. Is my information shared with you kept confidential?
    Yes, any information shared by you with us is solely for our record purposes. It will not be shared with any third party for promotional purposes.
  8. How regularly will you contact me?
    We send out monthly points, e-mailers and birthday/anniversary wishes. We respect the privacy of our customers.
  9. Can I become a member of tailor made online?
    No, you can only become a Tailor Made member when you do any kind of purchase in any of ours stores.
  10. I lost my loyalty card, how do I get a new one?
    You can go to any cash counter in store to request a replacement card or call Customer Services on 080- 2558 8599/2558 8600 and we’ll arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you as soon as possible.
  11. Can I shop without my Tailor Made card?
    Simply give the sales associate your contact details at any cash counter before making a purchase, and you will still earn your points. Alternatively, please go to Customer Services (Level 1) with your customer receipt, and the points will be added on to your card.
  12. What if my e-mail, home address or phone number changes?
    You can go to any cash counter in store to request the change in the card information. Alternatively, call Customer Services on 080 – 2558 8599/2558 8600 and we’ll arrange for necessary changes.
  13. Can I use my loyalty card points to buy a gift card?
    Yes, Tailor Made program gives you total freedom of how you chose to use your points. You can use your points to buy a gift card only at the store.