5 essential summer tips for every man

The legendary Indian summer is upon us, and we all know what that means. As temperatures soar so does the temptation to stay indoors. But as any realistic man knows, life keeps going on irrespective of one’s comfort levels. So here are a few simple things you could do to make sure summer’s toll on you and your comfort, is as minimal as humanly possible. Read on.

1.Escape it completely.

Think about it, while you are facing simmering heat there are places where it is snowing right now. And you could be there! Pick an offbeat hill-station in Himachal Pradesh or the North-East. Or take off to Scandinavia. Wherever it is, summer is a great travel motivational tool and also, a very good excuse to treat your self to an unplanned holiday.

2.Know that staying hydrated takes more than water.

Yes, drink plenty of water but also juices. Traditional homemade Indian summer drinks like ‘nimbu pani’ (sweet lime water), chaas (buttermilk), Roohafza etc are also recommended because of their cooling action. Eat hydrating food. Lots of summer fruits and vegetables. Watermelons, muskmelons, mangoes, Indian cucumbers, Litchis – these delightful summer exclusives also help your body beat the heat.

3.Switch your fragrance.

Truth is men sweat, a lot. And not smelling bad is often an important thing to a man. But before you spray your favourite cologne, check if it is an amber, musk, or sandalwood based scent. Given that these are highly popular scent notes for men’s fragrances, it is likely that your cologne has it too. While these smells work wonderfully in pleasant or cold weather, they are too heavy and not suitable for hot climes. Experts recommend citrus or earthy notes for such weather. Think cooling and refreshing aromas.

4.Show your skin your tender side.

The sun gets quite harsh in this weather. It can damage your skin, which is not just a cosmetic concern. Sunburn can be very painful, and dry skin is not a good sensation at all. So take the measures you know you should. Use sunscreen. Don’t over shave. Moisturize every day, and especially after shaving. Use a mild soap.

5.Get a summer friendly wardrobe.

Clothes were created so mankind could survive in all extremes. A weather friendly wardrobe is a mark of a wise man. So, here’s a checklist – comfortable shorts (multiple), t-shirts and polos, formal linen wear (including a suit and a blazer), pure cotton shirts, pants and khakis, cotton socks or loafer liners if you like the sockless look. You must also have at least one good cap, or a hat or a bandana, something to shield your head from the sun. Lastly, and most importantly handkerchiefs. They are extremely useful (you will never regret carrying one, trust us), and they are a classic style statement