5 clothing essentials every man should own

It is a well-known fact that style is more than fashion. It goes beyond trends and what’s in or what’s out. We at Prestige – The Man Store, have worked a long time in men’s clothing. And we have prepared this little list of absolute necessities that can help a man look his stylish best without making any effort.

Please note, this list assumes that you own at least two pairs of well fitting denims and a few nice t-shirts! Let’s begin:

White Oxford dress shirt

Incredibly versatile, a white shirt has been known to suit every kind of man out there. It can be worn with a suit or underneath a blazer. You can even wear one with jeans. Definitely invest in a quality white shirt, good quality one can last for years.

A versatile suit

Even if you see yourself as a casual dresser, every man needs to own at least one good suit. You might think you don’t really need one, but you never know when your dream job interview comes up or you have to attend a wedding at a very short notice! What we are saying is, its best to be prepared for life’s great moments. Having a suit that fits right and is properly tailored is just good sense.

All weather Blazer

Another classic item you should invest in is a blazer that is not the jacket from your suit. Yes, you can always wear that jacket as a separate with khakis, but you can get a blazer in an unusual color which is more casual. Trust us, having a distinct blazer can really up your daily wear style quotient.


The fourth piece you must invest in is a pair of classic chinos. These cotton pants come in a shade of khaki, sand, or stone. They are extremely comfortable, casual and super versatile. You can wear them with t-shirts or a shirt or a sweater and they’re very office appropriate. They come in a variety of stitches and you can pick one that suits you the best. 

Smart-casual trousers

Gone are the days when a pair of chinos, were the only option a man who wants a casual alternative to jeans. The new breed of smart-casual trousers take a smarter material usually reserved for more formal gear and remix it with a more casual fit, are definitely a modern man’s style staple. You can explore a range of materials and stitches to find your perfect trouser, be it a pin-stripe or a cropped hem.

In closing, we would like to remind you that if you are looking to invest in any of these essentials, do come over. Our experts would love to take you through our collection of premium styles and fits from the best men’s wear brands.