Whether it is a wedding or a festival, an ethnic wear outfit is a wardrobe must have. Gone are the days when men had limited styles and designs to choose from. Today, ethnic wear for men come in plenty of options! While shopping for ethnic wear it is important to first recognize the occasion and the grandeur of the event. Following which, the style and design can be picked. Here’s a breakdown of few of the styles available. The first and most popular ethnic wear garment is the Sherwani which is a long, buttoned coat that ends right below the knee.

These traditional garments come in various prints and designs and are worn with a pyjama bottom or straight pants, a dupatta and sometimes a petha, depending on the occasion. Prints, velvet, embroidery or brocade. Asymmetric and modern or plain and traditional. The possibilities for a Sherwani outfit are endless. Some Sherwani’s are intricately embroidered with mirror work, zari, zardozi and gems. These are best worn by the groom himself. The simpler Sherwani’s are perfect for the wedding guest or when worn on a special occasion. Majestic, elegant and stunning, the Sherwani is a traditional garment that will never go unnoticed. Another classic ethnic garment that has been worn for generations is the Kurta. The kurta is versatile and comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn to an occasion or be included as part of your daily wear attire. Kurtas are worn with a salwar or a chudidar bottom depending on preference. Today they come in different prints, embroidery, patterns and material.

From comfortable cotton or linen that are perfect for the Summer to floral or embroidery that are perfect for special occasions and festivals. These garments are multi purpose and will never go out of style. Besides the Sherwani, kurtas there is also the Bandhgala. Bandhgalas are quite similar to the Sherwanis except that these jackets are much shorter in length. It is usually worn with a fitted trouser and is suitable for most body types. This closed neck collared jacket is an amalgamation of both the Indian and Western styles making it extremely trendy. These jackets, just like the Sherwani and Kurta can be customised to fit any body type. The Bandhgala is comfortable and makes the wearer look royal and elegant. At Prestige The Man Store you will find a vast collection of ethnic wear to choose from. So step in and discover it for yourself.